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(no subject) [Sep. 3rd, 2004|08:19 pm]
Hello from Video Store! Someone please come to PA and drive my eyes out ASAP? Thanks ever so.
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a kerry rally in pictures. [Aug. 20th, 2004|01:34 am]
[music |tom waits]

I doubt this will deeply affect anyone, but this journal is written from an anti-Bush perspective. I figured I ought to state the obvious before I launched into the pictures.

My mom and I attended the John Kerry rally that was held in Philadelphia, PA. I took a couple of pictures worth a second lookCollapse )

In other news, I finally desecrated my Rite-Aid uniform the way that I've always wanted toCollapse )

I'm thinking of making this a photo-centric journal. We'll see. More pictures to come, at any rate.
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(no subject) [Aug. 20th, 2004|12:20 am]
Wow, Jurassic Park 4 is a brick shithouse. This is what having the money to buy good crack will net you.
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an update from the road. [Aug. 14th, 2004|05:02 pm]
[mood |still really boring]
[music |something on videostore's overhead player]

I promised an update, but this isn't it. Rather, this is an update, but it's not The Promised Update. That, I'm sure, will eventually come. In the meantime, you'll have to suffice with what I type on break at VideoStore. I'm in the twentieth minute of my forty-five minute break, so this will probably be short. It does take me a while to formulate coherent sentences, y'know.

I haven't been doing anything interesting, which is half of the reason why I haven't updated. The other half, of course, is that I've been working at two jobs. When I told Smiles, my friend at BookStore, that I was going to start a second job, she said, "Oh, jeez. I did that once. You won't have a life."
"I don't have a life now," I said.
"Oh, you'll discover that you did," she said, and as per usual, she was right on the money. It turns out my life was LJ and the gym. Sad, really.

I like both of my jobs tolerably well. BookStore is pretty awesome, if boring as hell. There are occasional trivial crises, most of which involve binders or expense reports and other boring things. Most days, though, I stare out the back window of my workspace and daydream. There's no internet access, or LJ wouldn't have fallen by the wayside at all.

VideoStore is cool as well, though it depends on the people who are assigned to my shift. One of the guys, whom I've nicknamed Curly, seems to like me, but he constantly tells me that either I, or the things that I like, suck. Another guy was glaring at me the other day, but that might have been PMS. Otherwise, everyone's rocking hottie awesome. We spend a lot of time talking about stupid shit and making fun of people. Also eating candy. Pretty much the perfect college student job, really.

I'm still working on grad school applications, though I grow more and more terrified every day. This is old news. Moving on.

I haven't talked to anyone lately, really, except for Marci, so if you've been feeling left out, don't. I miss everyone terribly, of course, but that actually makes me less inclined to call -- I don't want to feel that way, and it's easier to avoid it than to face it and deal with it. This is also old news, of course, but I figured you all needed a reminder.

I've scheduled my driver's test, on September 17th, so hopefully I will soon be the righteous terror I deserve to be. Wahoo. Maybe then I'll be able to say something interesting. Awesome.
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(no subject) [Aug. 8th, 2004|08:22 pm]
Hey everybody.
hi dr. nick!

I'm still alive; also kicking. I will be posting something in the near future, which I've delayed only because I worried that it wasn't esoteric enough. I'm at work at Video Store, currently, or I would be posting it now.
(Please blame interimismine for any and all account activity. He keeps on hasslin' me.)

Some quick movie recommendations:
  • Reform School Girls -- Lesbian exploitation film. Newly convicted, heterogirl extraordinaire Jennifer must defend her honor against vicious lesbian inmates, guards, and warden. Watchable only because it is so hideously bad. Get the DVD if you can, as the trailers (provided in bonus features) are actually more fun than the film.
  • A Nous La Liberte -- Older film, precursor to Chaplin's Modern Times. Surprisingly interesting for a near-silent film.

    Hurrah. I reiterate, posting soon; Stud, get off my back. :]
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    overheard at the library. [Jul. 1st, 2004|06:27 pm]
    Girl 1: I wanna leave.
    Girl 2: Why, because you can't get a computer?
    Girl 1: Yeah. There's nothing else to do here.

    This is why the youth of today have such a wretched reputation.
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    (no subject) [Jun. 30th, 2004|04:35 pm]
    To interimismine:
    I am a jackass. I'm sorry I didn't call. I will call soon.
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    (no subject) [Jun. 27th, 2004|08:55 pm]
    [music |Team Dresch - Fagetarian And Dyke]

    It is bewildering for me to be living at home with my parents. For three people and three cats, we live together remarkably well, mostly because we understand the art of not getting in each other's ways. It's pleasant to live with people who understand that I need to hide in my room or vanish into town for hours every day. Two parents and three beastly animals don't exactly replace the circle of friends I had at school, though, nor do they provide me with a source of entertainment. I am not a social animal, but I do get rather lonely. I guess it's that parties are easier to dislike when there are parties to go to.

    I've been spending a lot of time on my bicycle. It desperately needs a tune-up -- the gears are funky, the brakes have worn dangerously thin -- but the tires are filled, and it gets me from place to place. I fancy myself a zippy figure, particularly with my newly blonde hair and my messenger bag. It's nice, also, not to have to beg a ride or borrow a vehicle. I am planning to get my driver's license very soon, if only so I can stop carrying my passport with me when I go to clubs. I've also been thinking about going out to clubs by myself, and public transportation only runs until 12.

    There are three clubs that I've been thinking about attending in particular.
    . [Bike Stop], which is a gay leather bar. I took my fear firmly in hold and emailed the owner, who emailed me promptly back and assured me that women were welcome, though the numbers at the door don't always reflect that. He cautioned me that I might not want to come on Jockstrap Night, "unless you had male college roommates." I don't mind men in jockstraps, per se, but I think I will go on some other night, just the same. This club actually seems to be the most fitted to my taste; I'm familiar with soft bondage, not afraid of heavier stuff or leather gear, and the atmosphere is inclusive and friendly. I'm not looking to pick up, so I'd probably wear a tank top and a pair of my rattier jeans.
    . [Woody's], which is Philly's premier gay (and oh-right-lesbian) club. It's a cruise-heavy joint, but if I go to [H&M] first and spruce up, I shouldn't be sneered at.
    . [Flow], which has a show called [Industry Tuesdays]. Open-mic hip-hop, and, from what I understand, a lot of booty dancing. Again, I'd probably have to spruce up a bit, though in a different way.

    I've actually been kind of busy, though it's still not enough to make me feel useful. I start my part time job at Barnes&Noble tomorrow; I've been making mix CDs for friends in need, and I told someone I'd do a sketch of something particular for her. Graduate school applications are demanding a lot of time and energy.
    Probably once I get moving on the applications, and once I get a second job (probably after the summer), I'll feel a little more in place.
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    praxis: a story. [Jun. 18th, 2004|09:09 pm]
    [mood |inflated]

    Christine, a close friend from home, is a role-player. She does live action role-playing (LARPing), in a game in New York City that her best friend, Pedro, runs. It was game weekend when we went up, so Christine was busy on Saturday night with her fellow vampires, as it were. I spent a lot of time reading Beowulf.

    At one point, she went to get a gyro from a nearby cart, and she dragged me with her. There was a park near the cart, so I told her I'd be sitting there, waiting for her. There were a lot of families there, and I figured I could coo at the various children from afar.
    I saw two forty-something women walk in, about ten minutes after I sat down. They were both blonde, wearing vaguely expensive casual wear. One of the women was pushing a stroller, and they had a two or three year-old tagging along beside them. Typical upper-middle-class women. I noticed them mostly because of the little girl. She was adorable. She had very pretty Asian features, her hair was in two tufty pigtails, and she was wearing a white sundress with red and fuschia flowers on it.

    One of them broke away, and the little girl tagged after her. The woman sat on the grass, cuddled the girl for a bit, then looked up at the other woman, who was slowly rolling the stroller around the path to the other side of the small park. She told the girl, "Okay, run to Mommy!"

    She'd obviously only just got the hang of running, and her arms and legs still flapped ridiculously. I don't think she'd quite figured out how arms worked into the whole running equation. She was determined, though, and she ran all the way -- continuously talking -- across the park to her mom, who slowed down and picked her up. Her mom talked to her for a little bit, then set her down, pointed at the other woman and said, "Now run to Mommy!"

    I felt like I'd swallowed a balloon; it rose up towards my throat, and I had to slap a hand over my mouth to keep it from squeaking loudly through my mouth. I ran out of the park and dragged Christine away from the cart, chirping "lesbian moms! Lesbian moms!" She laughed at me. I was pretty ridiculous.

    Every time I tell the story, the balloon comes back in my stomach, making it almost hard to breathe. It was just this: If they can do that, I can do that. It had been done; it was now doable. How wonderful is that?
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    ICON DUMP. [Jun. 16th, 2004|08:12 pm]
    It recently came to my attention that I had 188 icon bases sitting on my computer hard drive. Aiee! I'm exposed to a large number of pictures online everyday -- most people are -- and I make icons bases compulsively. Under the lj cut is the product of a semester or so; they obviously don't hit on all of the celebrities I'm interested in, or that you'll be interested in. If there's someone you'd like some bases of, leave a comment, and I might get around to it. :]

    icon dump one - celebrities.Collapse )

    Sharing is not an option; crediting is. If you choose to credit me, I won't come after you with a tire iron; however, I don't really think credit is necessary for stumbling upon good pictures and cropping/resizing them. I would, however, prefer if you'd leave a comment, just telling me that you're nabbing one, and if you'd be so kind as to tell your friends so that they can pick up some too, I'd be much obliged. Along the same vein, do whatever the hell you want to these -- add text, put a weird photoshop filter on it, go to town.
    Oh, and right-click and save.
    Again, let me know if there's someone you'd like to see more of, or whom I've missed in this batch.
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